Mia Bellona : The beauty coach that is changing women’s lives all over the world

Everyone has a definition of beauty – and often, women believe that they don’t live up to their own standards.

Based in Barcelona, Mia Bellona is on a mission to empower women worldwide through beauty coaching – and not in the way you might think. 

“Beauty is so much deeper than your skin. I help women to holistically beautify their lives, by nurturing and healing all dimensions of their being, including the physical body.”

The journey to exploring her passion was not easy for Mia, but every step of her career has taught her something valuable that she carries with her today.

Mia comes from a challenging home life. After a series of traumatic events, she was adopted into a strict family and has had a very tumultuous relationship with them. 

As a child, Mia spent nine years studying piano at a conservatorship, discovering the beauty in music. However her interests lay elsewhere, and she wished to become financially independent, so she decided to pursue her passion for medicine and become a qualified nurse. 

It was during her time as a surgical nurse that Mia realized just how significant the connection between inner and outer beauty is:

“In the operating room, I saw so many patients who wanted to find satisfaction with their looks, but even after surgery, they could not achieve it. There is a physical improvement, but their filter won’t let them see it. If you don’t do the inner work, you will ruin your beauty. The mind must walk hand in hand with the body.”

Mia then decided to take a different path and attended interior design school, which only increased her captivation for the all-encompassing nature of beauty. 

“The power of the home is so profound. If we can make our surroundings more beautiful, it impacts our whole life and how we perceive ourselves. I also gained experience in the world of fashion during this time, which made me realize that models are not different from others – they have insecurities and issues too.” 

And then for the past six years, Mia has been working in air traffic control. Despite building a financially comfortable lifestyle and no longer having any worries, she felt unfulfilled by her work.

It is for this reason that she has decided to make the admirable decision to quit her job and begin her entrepreneurial journey as a beauty coach to help women around the world benefit from her vision:

“True beauty doesn’t depend on culture, age, or location. It is rooted in becoming the most confident and whole version of yourself. Self-complacency is self-destructive. Our work together will help you reach your potential.”

Mia’s coaching is fully individual and based on self-improvement using an integrative approach and health-based pillars.

“We are elemental beings, and getting our elements working in harmony is how we become the most beautiful and highest version of ourselves. It all has to start from the heart and the world of complex emotions that live within us.”

Mia knows this from first-hand experience. She spent years improving her body and her mind, but something was still missing – her emotions. She then entered intensive therapy to process her trauma, which has been transformational in her life. 

“Realizing the impact that my relationships were having on my heart helped me to set my soul free. Your attachment style, conditioningand perspective have a huge impact on your behavior and habits. Once you can make your own decisions about what you want, your beauty begins to shine through and the glow-up begins!”

That’s why Mia’s work with women begins with a deep dive into the factors that truly hold them back and drag them down, to help them choose a different future and achieve their goals and ambitions. 

“Every woman comes to me with the same goal; to become more beautiful or be surrounded by more beauty. But as we start to dig deeper, we discover the core issues within their heart. It is at this point that I use my nursing experience to make a diagnosis and create a step-by-step plan to get each woman to their dream destination.”

Mia also has a team of experts she can call upon when deeper work is required, including nutritionists, surgeons, professionals who specialize in treating body dysmorphia, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) psychotherapists. 

“Treating your issues in the right order is essential to create permanent change. It’s like an interior design project – you start with the container, not the decorations. We need to have the end result in mind and build a step-by-step foundation toward it. Then you can add the ornaments that make everything more beautiful.”

To find out more about Mia’s empowering and impactful work, you can contact her by emailing ms.miabellona@gmail.com

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