Public Speakers Who Are Making A Global Impact 

We celebrate some amazing thought leading game changers from all over the world who are making a big impact in their respective areas of expertise. 

Aun Raza

Aun Raza boasts around two decades of vibrant experience in the tech sector, positioning him as a trailblazer in cloud computing and DevOps strategies. His journey spans various domains, including operations, cybersecurity, HR, and team development. Aun excels in crafting top-tier software teams, steering them from recruitment to secure deployment with finesse. His leadership prowess stems from a deep grasp of both technical and interpersonal realms, distinguishing him in the field. Aun’s blend of tech prowess and HR acumen has not only elevated his status as an industry luminary but also ignited inspiration among aspiring technologists.

PeterGay Dunkley

In the journey of life, we often encounter uncertainty- moments of darkness, that seem overwhelming and insurmountable. Bleak moments take many forms, whether homelessness, rejection, teenage pregnancy, abuse, and neglect, among many other factors. It is during these times that our resilience and inner strength are truly tested. This TEDX Talk accentuates how to become a symbol of unwavering dedication in the face of adversity and that every setback can be a setup for a comeback.

In a world where trials are inevitable, Petergay Dunkley-Mullings stands as a living testament that one can not only endure but also triumph rise above challenges and embrace the possibilities of a transformed life. She has become a symbol of unwavering dedication in the face of adversity.
In her remarkable journey, she has devoted 17 years to the hospice industry: rendering support and compassion to end-of-life patients, and their loved ones. She has served as a manager, director, and floor nurse. Mrs. Dunkley-Mullings values the importance of patient-centered care, and prides on providing the highest level of care to end-of-life patients. Her devotion ensures her patients’ last days are their best.

Her call to action is clear: embrace transformation and discover the resilience within.

Marnie Forestieri Zettler

Marnie is an educator, author, entrepreneur, and speaker who unravels the wonder of a child’s innate brilliance. With a distinguished career at the forefront of early learning, Marnie shares transformative strategies for parents and teachers to nurture young minds. Her innovative approach challenges outdated methods and sheds light on revolutionary ways of engaging with children to foster their innate curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking.

An unwavering advocate for research-informed educational methods, her work translates complex theories into tangible learning experiences. Her leadership shines as the architect behind Young Innovators Academy, childcare centers and brands known for setting benchmarks in early learning excellence. Her voice resonates with power, nurturing a community of professionals and caretakers committed to revolutionary educational strides. Her zeal for educational reform radiates a contagious enthusiasm, which fortifies her conviction in every child’s profound capacity for greatness.

Kate Eckman 

Kate Eckman is the author of The Full Spirit Workout: A Ten-Step System to Shed Your Self-Doubt, Strengthen Your Spiritual Core, and Create a Fun and Fulfilling Life. She is a TEDx and keynote speaker, broadcast journalist and TV personality who brings her expertise in communications, performance, and mindfulness to her practice as a success coach for business leaders and professional athletes. She earned a B.A. in communications from Penn State University, where she was an Academic All-American swimmer, and received her master’s degree in broadcast journalism from North-western University’s Medill School of Journalism. She graduated at the highest level from Columbia University’s executive and organizational coaching program and is a certified ICF coach (PCC) and a licensed NBI consultant. Passionate about mindfulness practices for both brain and body health, she is also a meditation teacher and course creator for Insight Timer, the world’s number one–ranked free meditation app. Visit her online at

Kaia – Allen Bevan

Since 2019, Kaia has been a Racial Justice / Anti-Racism advocate, striving for change daily – no matter how “big”, “small”, or visible these may be. Kaia has bloomed since the grassroots of her activism, delivering a TEDx Talk (April 22nd, 2022), co-organising Brighton’s own BLM peaceful demonstrations and campaign, and founding @officialbrightonblm. In 2023, Kaia was featured in Forbes, and is considered to have delivered a “TEDx Talk…That Had Global Impact”. 

In 2022, Kaia joined the award-winning company “WatchThisSpace” team, as their own Anti-Racism, Allyship and Engagement Lead. In 2023, she was awarded by Proud&Gifted, recognising her accomplishments and impact as a UK young person and became a member of the “GeniusIsCommon” movement at the age of 20, a campaign striving to tear down the Berlin Wall of the word “genius”. Kaia is also a multi-medium creative with a portfolio of collaborations with different organisations, companies and MORE, such as Grazia, Yubo, The Guardian, and Yubo.

Tjibaria Pijloo

As a Forbes Published TEDx Speaker who has created a revolutionary Movement of Freedom Lifestyle Creators (FLC), Tjibaria is liberating people worldwide by helping them create their dream businesses with extraordinary results, and realizing their dream lifestyles, even if they start from scratch. 

In less than a decade, whilst creating two 7-figure businesses and speaking on stages worldwide, Tjibaria has helped thousands of people – from entrepreneurs hitting a plateau, to people stuck in a job – who tried so many methods before, to finally break free and get tangible results through a (semi-)automated online business.

The FLC approach is very different from anything out there, as we help people from the inside out: empowering people to get the confidence, mindset & energy to pursue their dreams, find their passion or expertise, turn it into an efficient & scalable business, learn strategies to market, sell & (over)deliver and supporting them 24/7 for life, so they never have to be stuck again. That’s why the FLC motto is: “You got this & we got you!”

This FLC Empowerment has an explosive ripple effect: we transform our clients’ lives, and our clients transform the world. Are you ready for your Freedom Lifestyle? Then join the movement today:

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