Thought Leaders Making An Impact In The World

We bring to you some of the worlds emerging Thought Leaders and Game Changers in their respective fields. These individuals have a passion and purpose far greater than self and share with you some insights into their world.

Guruji Shrii Arnav

In June 2020- At the Height of the Pandemic- With Lockdowns, Anxieties, No commercial flights, Rampant spread of infections & closure of business’s- A Man walked into an internationally well-known Hotel property away from his country and base- that has 800+ rooms but at that time having an occupancy of 20- And they say the Rest Is History.

That was a watershed Moment as the Mentor of Mentors and the Grandmaster of Squaring the Circle & Squaring the Circle stood tall and guided business’s as well as Individuals first towards Safety & then in a thriving mode- Facing the Fire- right upfront & Like a Boss- as they ancients say.

That led him to be in the international list of Movers & Shakers- Straight 4 years in succession.

Guruji Shrii Arnav stands as a beacon of transformative wisdom in a world teeming with fleeting trends. His role as a thought leader is not just by title, but by the tangible impact he has on societies and individuals alike. 

His mission is deeply rooted in the holistic development of human potential, where spiritual enrichment complements material success.

Guruji’s vision is of a balanced world where empathy and compassion are as crucial to international relations as they are to personal endeavours.

A firm believer and proponent of “What is Available Is Adequate” revered Guruji Shrii Arnav says that his Vision is to Help individual’s & Organization’s leverage their “NOW” and take them to their highest potential possible using the power of Gem Therapy, Ancient spiritual tenets & Modern Management.  

As the world grapples with unprecedented challenges, Guruji’s teachings provide a well of insights for leaders and change-makers. He advocates for ‘conscious capitalism,’ a framework where businesses thrive in synergy with their communities. 

Much sought after by Statesmen, Business Magnates, Corporates as well as Olympic athletes for his recommendations He Brings powerful impact &’positive change & firmly believes that:

“Every single individual is special and has the Ability to be realized to his/ her highest potential and then contribute impact fully to the society at Large’

His “Prophet of Hope” TEDx talk on Climate change and impact on Mental Health resonated equally well with both policy makers as well as those who suffer from these maladies and reached a Million plus views.  

His profound impact is also witnessed in his vast array of published works. His literature has shaped the paradigms of countless entrepreneurs, who credit his wisdom for their holistic success. Whether through global seminars or personal mentorships, his guidance has a multi-dimensional ripple effect, fostering peace, ethical governance, and innovation. 

His mandatory daily post on social media- An outcome of his promise to an unknown person who snapped out of his calamitous decision of committing suicide after reading Guruji’s post is rage with readers and admirers swearing by his formulae, Tips, Wisdom and of course the 9:12 way.

His method of Gem Therapy (A worldwide copyright & a proprietary methodology) and its results have people gushing about his inputs & Power.

His legacy is not just in the minds he has enlightened but also in the societal shifts he has instigated, making him a true pioneer in the global discourse on leadership and spirituality.

You can follow him on his social handles or connect with him at Gemstoneuniverse- The World’s Leading Portal for Gem Therapy, Mentorships & Rare Jyotish Astrological Gemstones.

Annalise Oatman

Annalise Oatman is a best-selling author and poet, an international TEDx speaker on the topics of erotic dance and poetry and is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice focusing on psychedelic therapy for women and feminine-identified beings who want to overcome sexual trauma and creative trauma and flourish creatively and erotically. 

Annalise has experientially studied shamanism and indigenous plant medicine ceremony in Peru and considers these experiences and initiations to be her greatest foundation as a psychedelic medicine worker.

As she leans more into psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy as her forte, she is expanding her focus to bringing ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (and eventually also MDMA- and psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy) not only to individual clients but also to couples, groups and individuals at the end of life and their families. She does not see her work as a poet and as a psychedelic medicine worker as separate. She believes wholeheartedly in the power of psychedelic medicine and poetry to deeply reconnect people to themselves, to others, and to the earth, and she foresees a world where we love, live, and die much more humanely. 

Check out her podcast, Femtheogenic, and her books Heal Your Witch Wound and Holy Blue, among others.

Andy Elliott

Andy Elliott has dedicated over 23 years his life to succeeding at the highest level possible within the automotive industry.

He has since founded the fastest-growing sales and leadership training company and virtual training program in the world. Training millions of professionals and 11,000+ companies across just about every industry on the globe currently. Revolutionizing how salespeople influence, persuade, overcome objections, negotiate, close, market, and brand.

When the LEADER gets better, EVERYONE gets better. His academy will build leaders, but Andy also offers private coaching for the right executives.

With seminars every month at my HQ in Scottsdale, AZ. Andy speaks professionally across the world at conferences and company events. The training systems are fully customizable for the biggest companies in the world and the small ones. Your greatest asset is THE PEOPLE. He puts systems in place to grow them at unheard-of rates.

Want to connect with Andy directly or have questions ► Just Text His Cell at 480-780-2203. Don’t Compete. Dominate.

Dr. Joan Neehall

Dr. Joan Neehall, Ph.D., clinical psychologist with diplomate status in forensic psychology is pioneering change in organizations and individuals. She is the founder of the Happiness Control Panel, a viral Ted X speaker, and the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Happy Is The New Healthy. A trauma survivor, she teaches how to access post traumatic growth and resilience.

She presents a unique blend of expertise (over 35 years), relatability, and actionable insights tailored specifically for the corporate world through keynote speaking and training seminars. She offers a deep understanding of the science of happiness, grounded in the latest research and practical applications, coupled with years of real-world experience.

Her presentations are customized to address the specific challenges and opportunities faced by businesses, providing concrete strategies and customizable solutions for immediate implementation. Her dynamic speaking style captivates audiences, blending storytelling, humor, and interactive exercises to create a memorable and impactful experience.

She goes beyond inspiration to deliver measurable outcomes, offering practical metrics, and evaluation frameworks to track progress and measure the impact of happiness initiatives on key business outcomes such as employee engagement, retention, and performance.  

In essence, her ability to combine expertise with practical relevance, engaging delivery, and a results-oriented approach sets her apart as a speaker who not only inspires but also empowers organizations to harness the power of happiness for lasting change and success. 

Sizzle Reel: 

Dr. Mike Van Thielen, PhD

Dr. Mike Van Thielen, PhD. Holistic Nutrition, Mentor and recognized Biohacking expert, Bestselling author, TEDx speaker and international keynote speaker, and World Record Holder in swimming, has been involved in optimal health practices, anti-aging and regenerative medicine, peak performance, nutrition, supplementation, and biohacking for over three decades. 

Dr. Mike is featured on the cover of Biohackers Magazine, issue 22 and he is an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine. He was presented with the CREA GLOBAL AWARDS 2023 honouree in recognition of his creative and innovative ideas, adaptability in business, and for his contributions to sustainability and mental health projects. Dr. Mike’s IZOD Method™ has been featured on Fox, ABC, NBC, google news, and over 300 other channels.

Dr. Mike developed The Limitless Lab, a result-driven, 5-step framework for entrepreneurs, professionals, and athletes to get to that next level and experience significant growth and fulfilment in their performance and life, while optimizing their health and mindset. The Limitless Lab is a 12-week, virtual, live, online coaching, and training program to maximize your performance through self-optimization.  

For more details on The Limitless Lab, Dr. Mike’s Keynote Speaking page and mentorship programs, visit

Rosemary Ravinal

Rosemary is a powerhouse and here she shares how to “Unleash the transformative power of words.”

Words have the power to destroy or build. Words spoken in anger can inflict deep wounds on relationships. The adage, “Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret,” holds a profound truth. 

Let’s explore the transformative power of words in all facets of life.

1. Build bridges of understanding. 

Effective communication is the bedrock of healthy relationships. Expressing appreciation and acknowledgment creates an environment where everyone feels seen and heard. 

2.  Use words of affirmation.

Dr. Gary Chapman wrote in “The Five Love Languages” that people express and receive love in different ways. One of these is Words of Affirmation, which conveyaffection through compliments and encouragement.  

3. Be impeccable with your word.

Being “impeccable with your word” is one of “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. Say only what you mean and avoid speech against yourself or others. Refrain from spreading rumours or gossip which reflect on your own integrity.

4. Use the power of words for good. 

Words can launch massive social movements. Nelson Mandela spoke of reconciliation to heal a divided nation. Martin Luther King, Jr. fuelled the civil rights movement. And Steve Jobs inspired millions to Think Different.  

5. Choose silence. 

Once spoken, words can’t be taken back. Silence can prevent you from saying something hurtful in the heat of the moment. Staying silent allows you to keep your cool and avoid making impulsive statements that could harm your reputation. 

Building awareness of the impact of your words is a commitment to responsible communication, recognizing the power that words hold in shaping your own reality and the world around you.

Executive Speaker Coach and TEDx speaker 

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