A captivating persona, Julianna H. Hopkins, is gaining enormous notoriety in the jewellery sector

The trends that have unfolded in the apparel sector over the last three decades appear to be playing out in the jewellery sector, but at a much faster pace.

Speaking of a charismatic figure, Julianna H. Hopkins, who was born in Brazil and currently resides in Florida, used to work on a cruise ship for Colombia Emeralds International before gaining notoriety in the jewellery sector.   Hopkins made her foray into this field seven years ago with the conviction that she could create her own designs and has been doing so since then. 

When asked to elaborate more on her journey to amass this far, she followed by saying, “After a few attempts on my own, I took classes in jewellery creation in Miami, Fl.” Furthermore, she added that she then kept looking for better-quality gems and stones, and by doing so, her style has evolved over time.

“Everyone can find something to their liking.” – Hopkins

Julianna H. Hopkins also models, sells and promotes watches in addition to being a jewellery designer. Hopkins has so far worked with “Provenance Gems,” which provides trunk exhibitions and special events for stores, and “Zultanite,” a natural gemstone whose colour varies in different lighting conditions, including candlelight.

Hopkins also mentioned how stunning Zultanite appears when combined with various coloured gemstones, particularly pink sapphires, green gemstones, and diamonds. The beautiful but understated colour scheme complements neutral tones beautifully and flatters nearly all skin tones.

While compiling Hopkins’s comments on what inspires her to get into this sector, Hopkins responded, “The jewellery industry seems poised for a glittering future. Consumer appetite for jewellery, which was dampened by the global recession, now appears more voracious than ever.”

Julianna H. Hopkins made it clear during this conversation that she’s steadily paving her way to success and has lofty goals. 

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