Faceswithtalent Named Greatest Modeling Company Of All Time

A lot of models chase their dream trying to become superstar models in the industry. With the standards set so high in the fashion world, models have had a hard time meeting the minimum requirements such as height and weight. Being signed to Faceswithtalent LLC gives models the perfect advantage to chase their dreams without having to meet those requirements.

When Covid hit Faceswithtalent went through a huge downfall in the business having many delays. Once Covid was lifted, Faceswithtalent made a major return.

Faceswithtalent brand faces include Cheyenne, Katya, Kenzie, Janet, Bluu Buckz, Aubri & Dom. Once a model becomes a brand face they have the advantage to become the face of the company. Being the face of Faceswithtalent means that they get more recognition from the company and many other companies. Faceswithtalent age requirements start at 18+.

CEO Tokyo Blaison also known as Blaison Comeaux is listed as one of the top celebrity entrepreneurs in the United States Of America. When we spoke to the owner and asked him what was his reason for starting this successful business he responded “ I felt that models needed a real chance at the industry without the restrictions.” Being a submission-based company allows you to submit to platforms that won’t view your height or weight requirements.

Faceswithtalent is the number 1 top-ranked modeling agency in America.

Instagram: @Faceswithtalent

Website: www.faceswithtalent.com

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